Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After the Show

The show is over and life is beginning to return to pre-season normalcy. To say that a  huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders is an understatement. I am still exhausted but anxious to get on with my sewing, my blog and opening my ETSY shop. I had hoped to have my shop open by now but my time commitment at the rink ended up being much more than I had previously planned.  Since when does anything go according to plan?

My dining room looks like a floral shop. Between us, my daughter and I received so many flowers that I ran out of vases and my husband had to cut off the tops of four Poland Spring gallon jugs to accommodate the bouquets! The fragrance is beautiful throughout my entire house! These still look beautiful 3 days later despite being left out the entire night after the show. (I was too tired to put them in water after getting home at 10:30pm after the second show) 

They completely cover my dining room table!

On the day of the show I headed to the rink for 8:15 am. One of my fellow board members suggested I stop at Dunkin Donuts to pick up a Bag of Joe and some munchkins. I did. When I arrived at the rink, my dad was already parked in the parking lot waiting for me to arrive so he could help decorate the rink for the show at 1:00 pm. He saw my plea for help decorating on Facebook! Good thing he came because two dads I was expecting to arrive to help did not show up. He came armed with 2 staple guns, staples, hammer and nails!

He helped  us cover one side of the rink boards and plexiglass with back plastic and he hung up black curtains that lead to the back of the (stage) rink. He was a big help! THANKS DAD!

We had a great turnout of help for decorating. Even the rink crew was there to help and they helped in a big way!!!! I even bribed them with donuts!!!! Not that I had to!

Anyways, once all the black plastic was hung (we buy table covering by the roll) we began to hang the streamers and the banner that I featured in my blog.

When the zamboni cleaned the ice, some of the streamers got blown around.

Here you can see a bit of the banner peeking out behind the trees. It looked really neat surrounded by trees!