Friday, October 18, 2013

Stephanie's Tea Cup Exchange! What Fun!

I have seen tea cup exchanges in blog posts but never participated until now. I was reading a post at a blog that intrigued me with photos of her teacup exchange package and the reveal of its lovely contents over at Vee's (A Haven for Vee) and after reading her post, I knew I was going to be IN the next time around. 

The recipient of my teacup package was Stephanie--the "hostess with the mostess" of this wonderful teacup exchange. She blogs over at the The Enchanting Rose. It has been such a pleasure meeting and getting to know her over a few emails, posts and of course tea! Her blog is wonderful too! I neglected to take a photo of the teacup I sent Stephanie but you can find photos at the link I posted above.

Look at the beautiful teacup I received in the mail! The very kind lady who mailed me my package was Sandra and she blogs over at Tea and Simplicity and Ravenhill Cottage. I felt pampered after opening her package. I found it waiting for me on my porch after spending 7 exhausting hours on the road. To say I needed a cup of comfort at that very moment was an understatement!

Also in my package was this lovely hand knit dishcloth that Sandra knitted. What a pretty shade of pink!.......

some delicious raspberry tea which I tried right away--ahhhhhh and yum!

and she also included the sweet floral stickers pictured above!

Inside this envelope was a very nice note written by Sandra.

The notecard was covered in teacups! Very cute and theme appropriate!

To my two new friends:
Stephanie, thank you so much for the opportunity to join your exchange! I am looking forward to the next one already.
Sandra, I will think of you every time I use the cup. (which is every day since I received it) It is so generous in size that I can have my morning coffee in it as well.
Thank you so much for my lovely package! 

"She who warms the pot encourages friendship and she who pours tea gathers love."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vee's October Notecard Party

It is so hard to believe that the middle of October has already arrived. I took these photos in September and intended to go back and take photos again when the leaves were in full color for comparison. I hope to have time this week to do so!

I chose these 4 photos for Vee's party because I love the golden yellows in each photo. I love that short period of time each fall that the trees are between green and gold. It is so beautiful! Of course I love it when the leaves change to oranges and fiery reds too!

This field was so pretty!

Please join us over at Vee's to take a look at some wonderful photos! You may enter the party by clicking HERE!

"You'll remember me when the west wind moves, among the fields of barley,
You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky, when we walk  in fields of gold."

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sharing a Few Vintage Treasures Over Tea

I spent some time this morning doing laundry and ironing some new treasures I found in a local antique shop. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love, love, LOVE vintage linens and while I was out the other day shopping for the Tea-Cup Exchange (more info below) I found some linens and a silver spoon to take home with me. I also priced several pieces of ironstone and will be heading back for those!

I made myself a cup of honey-ginseng tea to enjoy while snapping some photos of my new treasures for today's post.

I fell in love with this little silver sugar spoon. It was just sitting on a shelf all by its' little lonesome and was marked 20% off. It was a bit tarnished but I polished it this morning and it cleaned up nicely. I have a sugar bowl that my mom gave me and it was begging for a silver spoon! 

Underneath the spoon is this very large white, lace-edged napkin that was actually in a bag of miscellaneous linens which I would have paid full price for BUT it was marked 50% off and it was a steal!!!!

In the bag was the placemat above, and the remaining linens in the images that follow.

There were three of these placemats which are made of the loveliest white linen. It is hard to see in this photo but they are so, so pretty.

There were a couple napkins like the one above as well. These were so delicate and though they were not meant to go with these placemats, you can see that they do match well enough. (I have really come to love and appreciate the mismatched look)

A closeup of the embroidery on the little napkin above and the crocheted edging. Exquisite!

A matching placemat...

shown here with the coordinating pretty...

I love adding to my "odds and ends" collection of placemats and napkins. I used to live in a world where everything had to match. Now, however, I much prefer a table of mismatched linens. 

Now I get to drink my tea....

I am so looking forward to seeing the results of Stephanie's Teacup Exchange. Click here to see what we are doing! My package is just about ready to ship out. I hope to get to the post office today! So stay tuned. I will post photos of the teacup I receive in the mail as well as a link to Stephanie's Blog at The Enchanting Rose of all the teacups received by participants of the exchange. I suspect this may be the beginning of my collection of mismatched teacups to go with my mismatched linens!

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