Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Waves--September Notecard Party

My First Note Card Party!

I have been passively participating in Vee's Note Card Party since I first happened upon it some time ago. By passively, I mean that I scrolled through photos posted by other participants......and I really enjoyed it!! So this time, I decided to dive right in...make a splash.  Pun intended!

I visited Vee's blog A Haven for Vee just minutes ago to make sure I was clear on the rules. I am posting four photos that could be used as a set of note cards.  These were taken at a beach on Martha's Vineyard! 

I originally posted these photos HERE. They were taken during a trip to Martha's Vineyard last year while visiting my daughter.

Sadly, we did not get to visit the island this summer but I am hoping that we can make time in the weeks ahead! It is such a beautiful place to visit and very relaxing!

The sound of the waves crashing on the beach is one of my favorite sounds. I can almost hear it when I look at these photos!

I remember that this wave came in a little closer than I anticipated....got a bit damp if memory serves me correctly!

Be sure to check out the links I have enclosed at the beginning of this post. One link will take you to Vee's Note Card Party where you can see photos posted by others and you can find instructions for joining the party by posting some photos of your own.

"Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves 
that break upon the idle seashore of the mind."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A Haven for Vee


  1. These would be my favorite set of cards. I love the ocean and always look for ocean and beach scenes when I choose cards to send. Enjoy your afternoon my friend! I'm going to write that quote down in my journal! Sweet hugs!

  2. Hi Linda, I am glad you joined the party today. I love the ocean and your photos of the waves and beach are really beautiful. The last photo almost makes me feel the sun and see it in the water drops as they splash up. These would make great notecards. Blessings, Pam

  3. A wonderful way to say a gentle goodbye to warm summer days at the beach. These would definitely make a gorgeous set of note cards and they would work for both genders. I'm often looking for just such a set. Thanks for joining in! The more the merrier!!

  4. What a great vacation you must have had - I can tell just from your photographs! I love them all, but the third one especially. Great job!

  5. Nice to have you join in this month. A great set of themed notecards! Makes me want to have one more swim!

  6. Oh, the ocean! Always beautiful. I just just feel the spray from that last photo. What a great set of note cards these would make. Thanks for joining in!

  7. I am an autumn girl at heart...but the ocean one of the things I love most about summer! Your photos are beautiful!

    So glad you "dove" into the note card party this month. :)

  8. Great choices they. They all make wonderful cards.

  9. Such a lovely set of note cards! I especially love the last one of the waves splashing!

    1. Oh and the bird in one of my pictures is indeed a hawk. This sharp shinned hawk was sitting on a telephone wire. I was driving on a back road but I didn't have my camera to stop and capture it. Since it was close to home I went to get my camera and when I came back it was still there!

  10. The ocean is the sweetest place on earth.

    I can practically hear the waves - and haha - FEEL them, even, on that last shot!

    Looking and listening to waves brings the most serene sense of peace, doesn't it?

  11. These are beautiful! It seems like I'm really there on the beach listening to the ocean and feeling the water on my toes. Wonderful note cards!

  12. So happy you joined us! These are lovely and I can almost hear the waves!

  13. I love your water photos...perfect note cards.
    So glad you joined in on the party....

  14. I can almost imagine the sounds and the smells of the ocean looking at these photos, would make wonderful note cards

  15. Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit Martha's Vineyard.


  16. These are fun! I love the splish-splash pics you've shared.

    So glad you joined the party today. I don't often participate, but now that we can also include photos not published on our blog before, it helps me to create a collection.

  17. I love the Atlantic Ocean and have crossed it many times as my true home (land of my birth) is 'across the pond'. However life here has been good - and I especially loved MY years living in NH (hubby is from Manchester).

    Linda, your ocean images are lovely and would make beautiful cards. Like you, this is my first attempt at joining Vee's party - great fun and a way to share our photos.

    Nice to meet you - have a wonderful New England week!

  18. You got me at the first wave. I am a big fan of sea and sky photos. Great note cards and also frameable.

  19. Hello Linda
    How lovely that you have joined in the party!!
    I love your set of cards - beach days always make wonderful memories.
    I followed your link and read the posts of your Martha's Vineyard - what a wonderful time you had as a family - so precious.

  20. What great shots of the ocean. I could almost hear the surf crashing on the shore. Congratulations on your first note card party!

  21. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog today!

    Welcome to the party! Your photos are wonderful!


  22. So glad you joined the party! I am a little late arriving, but always enjoy posting and having a look around to see what other people are seeing through their camera lens. Great job!

  23. Wow, the last photo is stunning :) I can almost hear the waves crashing - beautiful!