Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learning to Make Fabric Flowers--An Experiment

Practice Makes Perfect....I Hope!

My daughter is getting married next spring and she wants a vintage floral/brooch bouquet. I priced them online and they run in the $200 - $450 and up price range. So I got to thinking.....

Maybe I could learn to make the flowers and make the bouquet myself. I certainly have enough synthetic fabrics scraps lying around the house to experiment with. So, I gathered up some materials to experiment....

I used the "burn the edges" technique and it proved to be somewhat of a challenging process at first. I learned very quickly where to hold the fabric over the candle so that the fabric does not melt into your skin. OUCH! Also, each scrap of synthetic fabric I used burned or melted differently and some (like tulle) melted in the blink of an eye. One fabric petal burst into flames--so having the kitchen sink nearby is an absolute must!

The small brown flower is the one I tried first, and the large brown flower followed. The three flowers in cream and beige were the last flowers I made and they are beginning to look like something I would use in a bouquet.

These are fun to make and experiment with. I can think of a million different ways these could be used to decorate or accessorize. 

Once I get to a point where I have enough blooms that I am satisfied with, I will post them individually. At this point, they are only pinned, not sewn together and I still need to shop for bling to use in the center of each flower. I will start looking for fabrics in my daughter's chosen color scheme to use in the actual bouquet.

More later.....................

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  1. They all turned out beautifully. I've never tried to burn the edges...I can't imagine what kind of disaster I would have...or maybe I should say I CAN imagine! haha! Sweet hugs!

  2. Very beautiful flowers! Great job! Your daughter will love the bouquet! :)