Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Angel Got Her Wings!

I think I may be in heaven.....

My newest little angel....she just earned her wings about an hour ago!

I spent yesterday trying to figure out how to make my angels that I originally had made from recycled curtains (see yesterday's post HERE ). Today I really wanted to tweak the wings and determine and cut actual pattern pieces so I decided to pull out some fabric scraps. After seeing her completed (my little angel above) I know that I can use any fabric and use a multitude of embellishments and I can actually stray from white and cream colored fabrics and still create  something that resembles a little cherub! I love her!

Here she is standing up....

She is very cute! I like the lace around the wings.... and the rough zig-zag stitching.

Here they are together....the second one was so much fun to create! The first one, well, I nearly hurled my sewing machine out the porch window because it was giving me trouble.
I cannot wait to make some more of these little cherubs! Heading to Joanne's to get some spanish moss to try adding some hair.

I imagine that soon I will have an entire choir of these little angels! I will keep you posted.

Another Angel Update: Three's a Charm!

The angel (below) has 2 rows of lace edging around the wings.

Soul sisters.....

....and then there were three. 

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  1. The little edging of lace sure looks sweet. They are precious! And once you get a good design, it's fun to make more! Sweet hugs!

  2. These are super cute! Very crafty! Thanks for linking up with TTF!

  3. Oh how cute! Wouldn't my granddaughters have fun making these AND playing with them. Thank you for a lovely visit via Family Home Life. :)

    PS My primary site with my link is at :)

  4. How adorable! I love the eyelet one but the others are adorable, too. So creative. These sure would be cute to take to an elderly friend to sit nearby them. I may just make a "host" of them myself!

  5. Love these sweet angels!! Just dropping in from Freedom Fridays to meet them:))))


    PS Now following via GFC