Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Journal With a Purpose

My daughter made me this beautiful journal and matching gift box quite some time ago. I know she intended me to use this journal but I did not want to spoil it by writing just anything in it. I guess I have been reserving it for something a little more special than just a few handwritten, random thoughts.

Then I saw Diane's (from Lavender Dreams) recent post.  Click here to see Diane's post. In her post she gives us a glimpse into creative journaling. She calls it her art journal . After reading her post I had an epiphany!!! I knew exactly how I wanted to use my beautiful journal and I am so excited to get started.

I will use it to creatively journalize my favorite things and all the things I am grateful for! This is going to be fun! 

I love the shade of green my daughter used to cover this journal.

On the inside cover: "to mom love jenn".

Each page corner has a hand stamped decoration....did I mention that I love these colors?

Must have taken some time to stamp the entire journal....

I love these little leaves.

So pretty....

Of course, this is my favorite part!!!!! (Above)

This little box held a handmade bar of soap....it smelled sooooo good!

I really like the natural look of the paper that she used to cover both the journal and gift box.

close up view!

A perfect gift for this mom!

I think my daughter will be happy that I have finally found a purpose for this lovely gift. I have Diane to thank for giving me inspiration for this project! I am also honored that she included a gift tag from me on her journal page (page 1 in fact) dedicated to her blogging buddies. 

Someday this journal will be full of words, pictures and other snippets of my favorite things and all that I am grateful for. I hope it looks every bit as creative and artistic as Diane's. I would like to make entries every day. It cannot hurt to purposely make oneself more conscious of all of life's blessings on a daily basis. I have much to be thankful for! ....and having new blogging friends is the icing on the cake!

I will post an update when I have a few pages to share.


  1. Oh Linda, thank you so much for your kinds words! Your journal is gorgeous...a real work of art! And you'll have fun filling it up with sweet treasures and things that are special to you. It's nice to write a little on each page and include your own art work. I know how talented you are and you'll have fun with this project. You've inspired me so much, too my friend. I guess that's what friends are for! Sweet hugs and thank you for the sweet words of praise. Your buddy, Diane

  2. Linda, I think this is a fabulous idea and you have inspired me along with LD to do this for my own sake. I have so many bits and pieces and snippets of things just waiting for me to make something special. I think this will do just fine. What a lovely way for when we are gone, or still here, for others to browse through and see our life as we saw it and felt it. Lovely idea. Hugs. Tammy

  3. The journal and box look amazing, Linda. Have fun filling it! :o)

  4. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure you will now enjoy entering all of your most precious moments.

    Forgot to wish you a happy birthday, so today I'm sending you "BEST WISHES" for a happy and healthy year ahead! Hope you had a great day!