Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Banner Day!

It's a banner day today! 

This post is in follow up to my earlier post about shopping and preparing for my daughter's graduation party with a  PINK theme! (her idea) See original post HERE.

I am getting a head start on some graduation party decorations before I head out to do errands. I cut out (the old fashioned way--with scissors) the triangles for the banner I am making -- 5 shades of pink cardstock. Then I cut letters out of small sheets of scrapbooking papers (again the old-fashioned way) that were printed in miscellaneous small pink patterns. So cute!  I don't have a cutting machine. I just don't have the space to store all this stuff!

I will later punch two holes in each cardstock triangle and insert ribbon to string them all together.

Here are some close ups of the paper patterns! The package of papers came in the perfect size. Each letter fit on one sheet of the paper. 

I love the variety of papers that are available for this kind of project....

Where was all this neat craft stuff when my older daughters were having parties!

I will outline each letter with silver glitter paint!

The letters are not perfect as I drew them by eyeballing them and using my first cut letter as a guide to the size for the others.

I am also cutting streamers from plastic tablecloths in shades of pink. So inexpensive and they can even be folded nicely to reuse. None of that taping  crepe paper streamers to the wall one-at-a-time business!!! Just leave a border at the top of the tablecoth; in other words do not cut all the way to the top as you are cutting the individual strips in the plastic. I have about a 4" border at the top.

This is currently decorating my livingroom sectional--how convenient! 

Does your livingroom ever look like this? Sew what? Right?

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain."
Dave Matthews

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  1. Awesome idea. Such a great banner Hope you post pics of the party. I haven't yet organized the ones from my daughter's party. Enjoy!