Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pieces Of My Heart

Today I was featured on Domesblissity--Thriving on Thursday party. Thank you so much Anne! There were some wonderful blogs participating and Anne featured a few projects (my cosmetic bag bundles were one of the featured projects) as well as a few recipes that look pretty yummy! I plan to try them. I am a sucker for trying a new recipe!! Please visit Anne at Domesblissity via THIS LINK and check out some of the other posts that particpated in Thriving on Thursday as well as Anne's blog. Lots of good stuff there!

I am also linking this post to The Charm of Home  via THIS LINK to participate in her Home Sweet Home Party. There are some  links to some wonderful posts here as well. Her blog is wonderful. A must see is her violet (edible) cookies....scroll through her blog and check them out!

Latest blog find and I am linking this post there as well:  Boogieboard Cottage's  Masterpiece Monday. CLICK HERE to visit, check out some talent and leave a comment or two. So much to see!

OK, moving on to my evening agenda:

I was antsy after dinner tonight. I needed to do something so I played with odds and ends-- pieces muslin, lace, pearls on-a-string, etc.

These are the pieces of my heart.....various laces, a spool of old silk taffeta ribbon...I love the color!

My heart completed....

Tuck it here ....

or there.....

Close up of little crocheted flower my grandmother did many years ago...I added some muslin circles sewn together (with raw edges) and added some pearls....

Be still my heart.....

This reminds me of the beautiful wedding and ring-bearer pillows my mom used to make, though mine is a smaller version. I have one that she made for me 30 plus years ago....I think I will post that on my next anniversary in October.
Speaking of my mom, today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! She is the person directly responsible for my obsession (maybe passion is a better word) with sewing and  "creating".

I just needed a little project tonight. Sewing up this heart (about 8" tall) took my mind off some other "stuff" and gave me a much needed break from reality. Sewing does that for me--stills my mind!

and of course, a quote for the project of the day:

"Difference between mind and heart; your mind tells you the smart thing to do, while your heart tells you what you're gonna do anyway."


  1. It is quite delicate and feminine!

  2. Congrats on being featured! I will pop over to visit Domesblissity right now.

  3. Thank you so much for the mention Linda. That is really nice of you to do that. I absolutely adore that heart. How clever you are. Thanks for linking up again.

    Best wishes,

    Anne xx

  4. Oh Linda that heart is BEAUTIFUL! I love the lace and the color.

  5. What a nice heart - so beautiful and delicate - just love it!

  6. This is really lovely, Linda...I am a sucker for old ribbon, too! Thank you so much for stopping by my fun finds post and for your nice comment! Happy birthday to your mother!

  7. How gorgeous! It makes me want to try to make one, too! Sweet hugs!