Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making the Banner

DIY fabric banners

The banner nearly completed!

Since I wrote about the first box of costumes that arrived, many more have come and they are all counted and labeled. There were no shipping problems. We did have three more skaters join the show and fortunately I was able to get their costumes from these companies that have well stocked inventories.

I am also beginning to make the banner with our theme title on it. I mentioned in an earlier post that I purchased two black sheets from Walmart. They were less than $5.00 a piece.

Step 1) Take 2 sheets and with right sides together, stitch around the top and 2 long sides of the sheet. No one will notice that the bottom is left open. Turn right side out and iron.

Step 2) Find fabric suitable for the lettering on the banner. I want green letters. I purchased a 2 yard piece of
fabric at Walmart for $4.97.

Step 3) Make a pattern that you can use to size all letters. I picked the "I" since there are two in the title  "In Tune With Nature". I drew it on a scrap of oak tag with a ruler and pencil.

Step 4) Figure out how many of each letter you will need in the title. Take advantage of the fold and cut out two at once for any that you need multiples of. Start drawing the letters on the fabric using the template as a guide for letter length, width and overall size.

This helps you keep track of how many letters you need of each....

Tracing the letters....

Cut them out....

Step 5) Lay them out (I use the living room floor). I realized I was missing one letter "N" so I took the one from the word "TUNE" and traced it for "NATURE". That fir tree is an "A".....

All the letters are cut out and ironed. 

Step 6) Make a simple drawing of the layout for the rest of the banner. I am planning on a large mountain, sun, trees, river, and some musical notes, etc.

Step 7) Collect various fabrics with interesting textures, shine,etc for the banner scene. To be continued....

I will be getting back to making the banner after my very busy weekend. So please stay tuned. Banners are so fun to construct. It will be a challenge for me this year because my new dog wants to lay in the middle of anything I do on the floor. She drooled on my "H" and tried to walk away with my fir tree. My goal today was to get all the letters cut out and the sheet sewn up. This is my least favorite part to do. NOW, the fun begins!

March 8, 2013
I began this post near the end of January and have been in a whirlwind ever since....costumes have been distributed and final details of the show are being worked out. The show is about a week away....

I had fully intended to take photos of all the cutting but time got away from me. The banner is now complete and I will post photos that I took over the last few weeks:

Laying out the pieces....

Getting an idea of placement before gluing....

The gluing of all the pieces in place is the tedious part of the entire process. I glue the largest pieces on first and then I dot a small amount of glue on each piece just to hold it in place. After everything is in its place, I completely cover the back of the pieces with fabric glue to secure each piece in place.

After everything is glued and the glue has had some time to set, the fun part begins. I outline each letter and fabric piece with glitter paint. I really enjoy this step of the process....

The paint really helps to give the banner a finished look, hides a lot of the raw edges and in this case, adds some detail and texture to the scenery. I wanted the banner to resemble a child's drawing.

Once it is actually hanging up at the rink, I will try to take a is so large (twin-sized) that I cannot get the entire banner in a photo. I have our club name and the year on each side of the banner which does not show completely in the photos.

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