Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sorry--Nothing too Pinteresting Today

Well, folks--not the most productive of days! I had a lot of forms and administrative chores to do for our figure skating club--got quite a bit of that stuff done. Our new season opens October 30th, so email inquiries have been coming in and even the phone has begun to ring a little. Once we get into full swing, my phone rings off the hook....

Unfortunately too much time on both the computer and sewing machine has given me a pain in the neck. So I did work briefly on one new batik bag BUT not before I made myself a pincushion. Believe it or not, I have not had a pin cushion sitting next to me during any of my sewing projects in the last couple of years.  I have been piling my pins up next to me as they are removed while sewing and then removing them from a messy pile as needed.

Yesterday I could not find any pins. I found a couple here and a couple there. That's when I decided things had to change.

I intended to make myself  a pincushion quite some time ago and even saw a blog where a woman posted all kinds of pincushions. I commented on the blog that I really needed to make myself one. That blog was my first inspiration. I wish I could remember the name of the blog. Maybe it will come to me while I am typing.

Anyways, I sat down on the couch night before last while whip-stitching an opening on a bag, and stuck a pin in my couch cushion after removing it from the area to be stitched. I forgot about it and when I remembered that I had left it there, I went back to retrieve it. I couldn't find it anywhere on my couch cushion. I looked everywhere, pushing my hand down hoping to feel only a slight pin prick but NOTHING!

I went out to my sewing table to pick up for the night and then went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of  Sleepytime Tea. I decided to go curl up in the livingroom to relax with my cup of tea (I like to hold my tea cup in both hands and smell the herbs and feel the warmth of the steam on my face--it's my teatime ritual)  before heading to bed.  I sat on the couch. Guess what I found? Yup! So this was my second inspiration to take 15-20 minutes and sew myself a pincushion.

So that's what I did and here it is again!



The pincushion took all of about 15 minutes to make--I already had the squares cut in my scrap bag. I can't believe how such a simple item can make sewing life so much easier!!! I don't have any idea why I waited so long to do it! I sat down on the couch to whip-stitch the opening on my pincushion closed. This time I did not have to stick the pins in my couch cushion. It is highly unlikely that I will do that again!

I am so happy! See--it really is all about the simple things! I collected my pins from here and there and now I have them in one place. I am SEW easy to please!

"I'm the most low-maintenance person on the road."
Lee Ann Womack

9/8/12  PS It was Wren from Wren's Nest who inspired me to complete my pincushion....I knew it would eventually come to me. So let me thank her for inspiring me (the first time) to make myself a simple
pincushion that has made my sewing life SEW MUCH EASIER! Thanks Wren! Fly on over to her nest and check her out!