Saturday, September 1, 2012

Batik Tote--In Lieu of Ice Cream

Medium sized batik print tote--I love the colors!

I wasn't planning on sewing today. I was hoping that my middle daughter would be coming home for the weekend. She missed the boat....literally. So a little disappointed by not being able to spend the long weekend with her, it was either sew or eat ice cream. I would have opted for both except we happen to be out of ice cream. So I just sewed. I'll get the ice cream later....

The more I sewed the more I wanted to finish this to post here on my blog. My family is waiting for me to grill chicken and corn on the cob for dinner so I will be brief.

Basically, I followed the directions on my large tote tutorial but trimmed it down a bit in size. It looks a bit more like a pocket book than a bag though it is hard to see the difference in size in the photo. I will post a picture at the end that shows the shape of the bag better.

Here it is reversed--with two small pockets.

Right side out--with lining and two inside pockets

Reversed--lining view

Folds flat....

Better view of the shape of the tote....

Still have to finish top stitching the lining at the top of the bag but my bobbin ran out of thread with less than 6" of sewing left to do so I will wind my bobbin after dinner and finish this tote up. It went together easily, was able to take my mind off other things--BUT I still need ice cream!

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