Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Day, Another Bag

shabby field style bag

Good afternoon! Incredible weather here! Hot but no humidity! I just love it! Great afternoon to be sewing out on my porch. It is near 90 degrees here but no ceiling fan or air conditioner needed today. Beautiful breeze!

After completing the other two drawstring type bags from beige cargo pants, I found an old bin of pants in the basement, (some jeans, some cargoes) that somehow escaped a trip to the Salvation Army. There were some trash to treasure items in there for sure. I laundered them and folded them into a neat pile. I decided to begin with the drab olive capris.

I cut off one of the legs, a pocket and found a fat quarter for the lining and pieces of the straps. I salvaged the hem pieces from each leg to also use as a strap.

Here is a close up of the lining--photo is dull compared to actual bright leafy greens in the fabric.

I realized that this leg was so narrow that it would be difficult sewing the pocket on without opening up one of the side seams. So I got out my BFF seam ripper and tore open the seam.

Then I pretty much followed the same directions as I did in the drawstring bag tutorial (see left side of page for link) in applying the pocket to the front.

Then for sewing up the bag, lining, inserting the lining and making the long shoulder strap--I followed the instructions listed under my basic small tote tutorial. (link also can be found on left side of the page)

The strap had to be pieced as I used the salvaged hemlines and they were not long enough. I wanted the bag to have a strap long enough to wear across the chest diagonally. So I made a double layered strap from the lining fabric and attached it in the middle of the  two hem straps.

It has a field bag look to it.

Still have to trim off some threads and sew up the inside lining that was left to turn it right side out. Then it will be complete.

Still have a second chance to perfect this style of bag with the second leg.....As I mentioned earlier, this pair was a little challenging when I was sewing the pocket on, so I opened up the side seam. This was due to the fact that it was a little girls pair of capris so the leg openings were not as wide. This left little room for maneuvering them on the sewing machine.

Projects Down the Road (more bags)

Pink floral with pink solid lining...

Gray bag with gray paisley lining.....

Found a similar fat quarter (color wise) for the 2nd bag from this pr of capris.

Fat Quarters are on sale this weekend at Joanne Fabrics-40 % off!!!! You can't have too many!

One last look.....outdoor fancy...

Another look--just plain outdoorsy!!! Yes I make up words as I go along!

The bag is cute. I am happy with the way it turned out. It has an outdoorsy/chic look to it. I am going to try and utilize the button tab (that was on the waistband) on the second bag . Stay tuned for the update....
not promising that it will get done before next week with a holiday weekend here. Hoping that my daughter will be coming home from Martha's Vineyard for the long weekend. It has been a while since she's been able to get off the island....but....she waited until the last minute to try and get a we shall see!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. Enjoy!