Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From Cargo Shorts to Drawstring Pocket Bags--UPDATE

Bag # 2 

Bag #1 and Bag #2

UPDATE TO PRIOR POST:  I finished the second bag that I made from the remaining leg of the cargo shorts. (I had used the first leg in the prior post.) The two bags I was able to construct from one pair of cargo shorts utilized both legs of the shorts, both rear pockets and a piece of remaining shorts fabric to create one inside pocket for the first bag.

One fat quarter was needed to line each bag and to make the straps/drawstrings. On the second bag I used a scrap of floral fabric to add a and extra pocket to the front.

Backside of Bag # 2

Bag # 2 Reversed

This is bag # 2 turned inside out. The photo does not give it justice. It is really cute! I would definitely use the bag both ways....

There is quite a bit of room in them--they measure 9 3/4 wide by 10" long when finished.
These little pocket bags are fun and fairly simple to make.  The most difficult part is attaching the front and back pockets to the outside of the bag because the side seams are already sewn up. (The sides of the pant legs) I had to be very careful that I did not sew the two pieces together. With caution, it can be done.
I enjoyed this project so much, I am going to go look for more "gently worn" cargo shorts!

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