Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Linen Finds--Simple Elegance

Oops, I did it again! My daughter skated yesterday and that very sweet antique shop nestled in the little town that my daughter skates in, was open and I just could not help myself. I found a few things to purchase and I have my eye on a couple of other items that I may purchase down the road.

I almost missed seeing the linens picture above. They were in a clearance basket and bundled together in a plastic bag for $6.00. Included in the bundle was a table runner, 8 placemats and 5 matching napkins. The linen is beautiful! Glad I saw these before I left.....

This small, linen table runner is so cute! It is a crisper linen, one that I know will iron up so nicely! I paid $1.00.

I found this linen tablecloth as well. It is cross stitched in brown and orange--nice fall colors but then again, most of my rooms are painted in fall colors so I will be able to use this year round. I paid $12.00. See below for a close up on the detail of the stitching and colors:

I cannot wait to wash them up and iron them. I wish I knew just what it is about old, vintage linens that draw me to them....I cannot walk away from them...I try to imagine who used them in prior lifetimes and what family memories were made around the dining table that was once covered by these fine cloths. I  really love the way the fabric feels in my hands, I love the elegance in the drape and quality of the linen...Elegance...I guess that's what I love about linen. It is elegant....simply elegant.

"Elegance...I guess that's what I love about linen. It is elegant.....simply elegant."
Linda Walker