Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hemming and Hawing, Baking and Quilting

Today has been a spectacular day, weather-wise. I had so many household chores to do today that I didn't really have time to work on sewing projects or crafts. I did, however, make time to hem one pair of the curtains that I made in an earlier post Transforming Bed Sheets to Curtains--July 25th. 

I like that they are floor-length. For now I have them tied back with the original hem that I had to cut off from the bottom in order to hem them to the proper length. It happens that the two windows in my dining room are not the same length or width. This has always presented challenges for window treatments.

The house was built during World War ll and the builders used what they were able to find for supplies. Guess they had trouble finding a matching set of windows. We will be replacing them soon, thankfully! These are not the original windows of course; they were replaced by the family that lived here before us. They have seen better days and are very heavy....

Used original hem for temporary tie-backs....

 Custom Curtains--$4.97 a panel and they reach the floor on both windows....could not purchase a pair to do that. I definitely could not purchase a pair anywhere near that price either. If you remember, the curtains that I took down were $70.00 a pair and they did not hang right. Thrifty does feel nifty!

Heading out to dinner with my husband. Then back home to prepare birthday cake and  a couple other desserts for my daughter's family celebration of her 17th birthday. We will be celebrating tomorrow evening!

Hope the weather has been pleasant where you are and that you enjoyed your day!


We had a perfectly delicious dinner out tonight as well as a Perfect Margarita!

After I got home, I baked a cake. This is for tomorrow....a birthday cake (actually a strawberry, almond cream torte) and some toffee bit brownies still need to be baked. I can do that in the morning!

Angel Food Pineapple Cake Recipe that keeps surfacing on blogs and Pinterest....I 
recently saw this on the blog Sew Many Ways. Here is the link:
entire recipe can be found there and in the comment section are many variations as well as other recipes that are similar. While you are there, check out her blog. I enjoy reading it!

 Then while it was baking, I finished the fourth row of my quilt. I have one row left and I will be ready to purchase the batting and fabric for the back of the quilt. It is coming along....

My Unfinished Quilt 

Four rows completed....

Enjoying a little candlelight.......

It's been a full day and I am now yawning and quite ready to hit the sack for the night. Tomorrow will come quickly, I'm afraid--in about eleven minutes....Good night!

"A charming woman is a busy woman."
Loretta Young