Sunday, July 22, 2012


Last night I was supposed to sew two additional blocks for my quilt but I never got around to it. I got sidetracked! While cleaning up my work space I found a pile of neatly cut 4" squares out of two coordinating fabrics and got totally distracted by them.  I decided to whip up a basic 9 patch quilted trivet. (notice I did not call it a potholder) I did a basic machine quilt X through each square and sewed it up. Just need to follow up with a whipstitch to the opening I used to turn it right side out.

Then I found some fat quarters and instantly knew they would make a great bag! So I cut out all the pieces for my next bag. I will not have time to sew it together today but hopefully tomorrow!

Experimenting with a different shaped pocket and a tab closure

Closeup of fabric--I cut out some of the little round flowers to applique on the brown pocket
Won't this fabric make the cutest bag? I will post the completed bag in a day or two.....

It was already 11:00 pm by the time I stopped cutting out the fabric pieces above,  so I was not about to start sewing my quilt blocks. When I am tired, it is always wise to put all sewing projects to rest. I did. This morning I completed the two blocks that I committed myself to yesterday and here is my progress....they are not sewn--just blocks lying next to each other all over the floor in random order:

So far it is 30" x 40"

I am not sure what the final size will be. The pattern I originally referred to was 50" x 70". If I have enough
of all the fabrics I will make it that large.  My pledge was to complete a quilt larger than a potholder and to have it finished by summer's end. So I am happy with my progress thus far and feel confident I can complete this in the next couple of weeks.

Note to self:
"The best gift we can have, is living in the present moment and really enjoying it for what it is;  and not being in our heads and getting sidetracked."
Amy Smart