Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Antique Shop Discovery--Ties to Plymouth, MA

Pilgrims Going to Church by George Henry Boughton 1833-1905

We have vacationed in Plymouth, MA almost every summer since I have been married. We have stayed in a couple of hotels, and even camped twice, but our favorite place to stay is Pilgrim Sands Motel.  My kids are as emotionally tied to Plymouth, MA as I am and many wonderful family memories have been made in the Plymouth, MA and Cape Cod area.

 My husband likes Plymouth, MA as well but there is really nothing new for us to do in Plymouth:  we have done it all over and over again! We have seen Plimoth Plantation several times and been museum members, gone on many whale watches, been aboard the MayFlower II and accused of blasphemy by the young girl portraying Priscilla Mullen/Alden.  My oldest daughter tried to point out  to her that she was related to my husband's family. Yikes! Won't make that mistake again! We have cruised the Cape Cod Canal so many times we can recite the tour guides speech. Favorite restaurants have come and gone.....Condos were built where the wax museum used to be which is really a shame. My kids were infuriated. Touring the museum, just the three of them, had become their little tradition. The only tour we have not done multiple times in Plymouth is the lantern lit ghost tour! Once you see and hear a ghost running down the cobblestone walkway--well, once was enough for some members of our family!

So, my husband could easily be moved to explore new horizons--go where no man has ever gone before. Unfortunately for him, he has four women in the family who are creatures of habit and we steer him in the right direction! We are his compass if you will....

The view from the balcony of Pilgrim Sands Motel

We will be heading there again very soon and staying at Pilgrim Sands. I am fairly certain that I will have to swear to my dearly beloved that I will not make him go on another whale watch! I love being on the water and am in awe of those seemingly gentle, giant mammals of the sea, so yes, I have dragged him on a few whale watches....... maybe seven or eight. Is that excessive? I can't help it, I can watch  whale tail breeches for hours. However my husband claims that having seen it once, he is completely satisfied to commit that whale tail breech to memory--never ever having to physically experience it again. Can you believe it?

My husband's family has connections to the Mayflower and descends from Priscilla Mullen who arrived here in 1620 with her family. She later married John Alden. It was my husband who brought me to this place before we had children. He was totally fascinated in the history of his family (all history for that matter).

There isn't a monument, stone or marker by the side of the road that we have not stopped to explore or read. In an area so seeped in history, and very well marked, it can get a little irritating stopping by the side of the road every 15 feet or so. Even more irritating, is that this habit of reading every historical marker by the side of the road, is not unique to Plymouth. So it is always best to stay away from cities or towns defined by their historical roots. I can only ride in a car for so long.

I have always wondered why I feel such a deep connection to the area. Year after year I have returned to this place that feels like home. The absolute moment I am out of the car and out on the hotel deck, the sounds of waves, seagulls, the salty air and the enormous boulders that I have sat on for years upon years with one child, then two and of course the third, remind me that I am where I am supposed to be. But why?

Then fairly recently, while my father was researching our family geneology, it was discovered that we (my family--dad's side) are also descendants of those arriving here on the Mayflower. So, for my children, a double-whammy dose of Pilgrim genes must drive their obsession to return here year-after year- after year. Of all the vacation destinations spots,  this is where they choose to be. My youngest daughter celebrated her 16th birthday in Plymouth last year and we will be celebrating her 17th birthday this summer on the deck of Pilgrim Sands Motel!

I found this old picture in an area antique shop about 4 months ago. It kept calling my name. The other day, my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I knew it had to be the picture. She asked me to pick it up for her and I did just that today! Isn't it great? I have admired it for months....Thanks Mom and Dad!

"We are all pilgrims on the same journey--but some pilgrims have better road maps."
Nelson DeMille

Tote Bags With Multiple Personalities

The large floral print was not a favorite fat quarter in my stash, but now that I have seen it made up in this bag--I love it!
There are two pockets on the front, the back is completely floral print. I used the green contrasting print on the outside of the strap. I tried the straps both ways but I liked the green print better--that is the fun in making these. There are no rules--I make the rules up as I go along!

I was thinking of including a little tab closure on this bag with a funky button but realized my stash of buttons is getting low and I wanted to get this bag done. I will save that idea for the next bag......

Bag front view

Bag back view

Bag stands up nicely even when empty.

Inside lining

Same pattern--3 completely different "personalities"!

I want to experiment with tab closures, zippers, zippered pockets, beads, beaded fringe and buttons. There are so many neat novelty trims and buttons available. Looking forward to making the next tote bag as well as some larger totes. In the meantime I will continue to work on my quilt--I have (10) 10" squares completed already. Stay tuned.........

"I definitely want to go out there and experience different personalities and different people."
Katherine Heigl