Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Visit with my Folks

I stopped by my parents' house for a bit today, I hadn't seen them in a week or so and we live in the same town. It is amazing how busy we can all be and how time can get away from us.

When I got there, my dad was sitting in a chair out in the backyard, watching his flower garden grow.
Sitting beside him was Annie, their English Setter. She does not let my dad get too far out of her sight.

Getting out of the car, I was just amazed at the beautiful lilies along the side of the driveway, and the aroma was heavenly! Many were on stocks taller than I!  In the backyard are hundreds more, of many colors and varieties and it wasn't likely that I was going to leave without a bunch of them. Here are the 3 stems that my dad cut for me to bring home!

The colors are beautiful and my living room smells like a florist shop!

Look at these blossoms!

So pretty!

I wish that I had a green thumb. By rights I should. My grandmother was an avid gardener and her flower gardens were gorgeous! My dad has had a very large vegetable garden for many years but is now mostly flowers! He sticks roots in the ground that appear dead and they grow. Flowers grow in his garden that he didn't even plant.

That doesn't happen for me. I bought two rosemary plants about a month ago and they are almost dead. They were fine until I broke a piece off each plant to use as seasoning on pork tenderloins that I was grilling. Since then, my little rosemary plants turn a little browner each day despite water, sun and a little tlc.

"I wish I were the lily's leaf, to fade upon that bosom warm, content to wither, pale and brief, the trophy of thy paler form." Elizabeth Barrett Browning