Friday, June 29, 2012

Recycling Curtains--Angels Among Us!

This little angel will make sense to you after reading this post about recycling curtains!

I have a rust colored, mini-print pair of curtain panels that I would like to reuse. One panel is in perfect condition, the other must have been in direct sunlight a bit more as there are some variations of color brightness due to fading.

Wondering what to do with these curtains, I was reminded of my very first experience ever in repurposing items around the house. The project that comes back to mind was completed many years ago, (about 16 years ago, I think) which means even back then my mind's wheels were spinning around the whole reusing, repurposing, and upcycling phenomenon.

I had taken down a pair of cream colored curtains that had ruffled edges. We had changed the wall paper in the kitchen and I wanted to replace the curtains that had actually come with the house when we purchased it.

My middle daughter was in elementary school at the time (she is now 25) and she needed a George Washington costume for an oral presentation. While my middle daughter was an absolute delight as a young child, she did tend to procrastinate on everything. She claims to work more proficiently under pressure. I on the other hand do not, so when she told me two days before her report was due that she needed a costume, she threw me right into panic mode.

I found a hat that I thought we could use at our local party/costume store. I took a navy suit coat from my husband's closet (he'd never miss it) and I duct taped the lower front of the jacket on both sides to make it appear to be a cutaway style. I ran to Joanne Fabrics and grabbed the gold trim for the shoulders and collar and replaced the buttons with larger gold buttons. I cut a pair of black opaque, nylon stockings at the the mid thigh so she could pull them over her shoes and up to her knees. We already had the cream colored leggings.

BUT, she needed some ruffles.....that is where the kitchen curtains came in. I simply cut the ruffles and basted them to the sleeves and the collar of the cream colored shirt she wore underneath the jacket. This is what "we" came up with:

My Little Angel as :  GEORGE WASHINGTON

She was "proud as a peacock" with her costume. I, on the other hand, was sewing trim and buttons on until 2:00 am and worked on a white wig which I made out of batting. When she got up four hours later to get ready for school, she wanted to know if her costume was all done. George did not know it at the time, but I did not exactly get a very refreshing night's sleep. Surely now, at age 25, she appreciates the effort, however, she still PROCRASTINATES!

Anyways, there is a reason I told you that story. You see, I had some ruffles left over from the cream curtains as well as the pocket that the curtain rod goes through. I came up with an idea so that I could finish using these ruffles and the rod pocket and here she is.

My "Other" Little Angel

I sheered a long piece of the rod pocket onto a clothespin and glued a wooden ball on the top pf the clothespin. I then glued some cream colored eyelit lace all around the shirred on fabric. I used a piece of the ruffle to make 2 wings and glued them onto the back with my glue gun, added hair, a halo, hanger, one tiny pearl and a bow. I have had her out year-round ever since. She is usually in my kitchen but sometimes I place her in a wreath. She would look adorable on a Christmas tree. I think I will make some more angels at some point. I love angels and we can never have too many angels keeping watch over us!

Back view

In a fall wreath

In a Christmas wreath

I will put my thinking cap on as to what to do with the rust curtains and I will let you see the results in an upcoming blog.

"The guardian angels of life fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us."
Jean Paul Richter