Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obsessed with Linen

As I mentioned in my profile, I love fabric! A friend of mine had a trunk full of fabric remnants left over from years of costuming, and she told me I could take anything I wanted! Thanks Phoebe! There were satins, shantungs, silks, lining fabrics, taffetas, moire taffetas, etc. The colors were amazing jewel tones and some neutral colors as well. I was intrigued not only by the colors but also by the different textures. I was in fabric heaven! I filled a large box and more than once I dumped out the box just to admire the array of colors! I know it sounds crazy!

 I used some of these remnant pieces to construct several banners to decorate the boards of the local ice rink during the annual figure skating show! At some point in the future, I will show you how to make decorative banners for backdrops for recitals, ice shows. These do not require any sewing, go together very easily and are quite showy!

More recently I have found a new fabric item to obsess on! Linens! Last fall, a friend and I were poking around a small shop that sells antique and new items and I went upstairs to the "old" section and found shelves on one side of the wall with stacks of vintage linens. I found the most beautiful 60"X 84" linen table cloth for $11.00. It was in impeccable condition, no stains and no signs of wear.  I also purchased a linen dish towel and a square table topper during my first visit.

My second visit concluded with a purchase of a couple of beautiful linen dish towels. I paid $1.00 for each. I also purchased a linen table runner for $3.00 and another 60"X 84" linen tablecloth for $10.00. Subsequent visits have yielded an array of linen napkins, dish towels, and table toppers. I love them all. I picked up one 52" square table topper for a gift.

One of the table cloths was very familiar to me and I believe that my grandmother had embroidered the exact pattern on some linens she had around her home. Even as a child I was impressed with her handiwork! It's funny what sticks in your mind when you are young and it is rather humbling to take a stroll through an antique shop and see items that were used in your home growing up.

This is the tablecloth that reminded me of the linens my grandmother had cross stitched....If you click on the photos, the detail is much easier to see.

This linen napkin is difficult to see but the fabric is very light weight and just exquisite...

This is just one of the few linen dish towels I purchased for $1.00. It looks like new. It is doubtful that
I will ever purchase new dish towels for myself again. These are much nicer and less expensive!

I cannot wait for my next visit to this charming little shop in Ashburnham, Massachusetts! The rink that my daughter skates at happens to be in that town and we commute there a couple times a week for her lessons. It is a nice way to spend some quiet time looking for simple treasures to bring home. I have my eye on a beautiful, cream colored, coverlet for $90, and someday it just may adorn my bed.

"Love is like linen: often changed the sweeter."