Monday, September 3, 2012

You Can Have Your Pie and Eat it "Two" !

Chocolate Cream Toffee Crunch Pie

I cooked enough chocolate pudding yesterday to make two chocolate cream pies. Originally planning to have a dessert night Saturday night (but then plans changed) I had all the fixings for the pies, so I made them anyways!

Cooking the chocolate pudding took forever! Or it seemed so. Six cups of milk takes a long time to boil on the stove top. But in the long run, it is well worth the time. Once the pudding was cooled for five minutes, I stirred and poured into the crusts.

I did not have whipping cream on hand so this is when I headed out to the grocery store yesterday and got sidetracked by the Labor Day Sale at Joanne Fabrics. If you saw yesterday's post, I bought some fabric, supplies for a fall floral arrangement, among other things. Here is the fabric I found that was 50% off the clearance price! $3.00 a yard.....

I love both of these fabrics!

Then I also bought a few fat quarters. I used to have quite a stash but with all the bag making, my stash has been seriously reduced. Time to stock up!

OK, back to the chocolate cream pie. I headed over to Hannafords after shopping at Joanne's (they are conveniently located in the same plaza) and grabbed some whipping cream.

whipped it up of course

grabbed a bag of Heath bar crunch topping bits

Piled on the whipped cream after applying a healthy layer of heath bar crunch that it looked like this

At this point you can either leave it covered in whipped cream only, or add some more chocolate toffee crunch.....the only thing better than the pie....

is two pies.....I actually took one pie out to my parents last night. It is a really easy dessert to prepare and  it is always well received by family and guests. It is equally delicious in a regular pie crust as well.

I was reading some blogs in my blog list this morning and saw that Karen, over at Sew Many Ways , also made chocolate cream pie yesterday! What a coincidence! I guess great minds think alike! I have to give her credit though, she made a much healthier version than I did. She was also faced with a crummy "crust crisis". Check her post out here and see how she handled it.

Anyways, I (the bag lady) am off to go sew some more bags. In the next few days, I will be taking the ETSY step. I am trying to build up a small inventory first--my neighbor wants every one I make and two other bags that I posted have been promised to friends that requested them.  And I still owe my mom a bag from Christmas, then Mother's Day because I couldn't find the fabric she asked for. So every step forwards feels like a step backwards sometimes--although I certainly appreciate the support of my dear family and friends. I am so blessed!

"Cut my pie into four pieces, I don't think I could eat eight."
Yogi Berra

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