Monday, September 3, 2012

Bags, Bags, Everywhere Bags!

My inventory is growing....these are some of my favorites!

 I made this reversible tote this afternoon and finished it up after dinner. The large front pocket is divided in half. The tutorial listed to the left for the large tote can be used to make this bag. 

Here is the same bag reversed. The large pocket is divided into 2 small and 2 large pockets. I think I like this side best. It's my favorite shade of green!

Another view with the lining showing...

I have another batik bag ready to cut out. It is in spread out all over my dining room table. My ironing board is also set up in my dining room. Meanwhile, my sewing machine is set up on my porch on a large table. There are threads and scraps of cloth everywhere from the last two days of sewing. So, for tonight I am calling it quits. Time to regroup and reorganize. I am going to straighten out the two rooms before bed. I like waking up to a clean house.

It's also my daughter's first day of school tomorrow. She is a senior in high school--class of 2013. It's hard to believe that her last year of school has finally arrived. My oldest daughter graduated from High School in 2001 and my middle daughter graduated in 2005. So you can see my children are pretty spread out. I have had 26 years of first days of school. All are bittersweet in some way....

She is college bound so we will be taking some college visits over the next several weeks. It should be an interesting and exciting year for all of us.....and I'm sure it will be over before we know it. Time sure flies!

Have a nice evening! 

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  1. You've chosen such beautiful colors and fabrics for your bags! I love making them...but haven't made any lately! I sure love this design!