Monday, September 17, 2012

Island Walks to Remember--Martha's Vineyard

Beautiful sunset on Martha's Vineyard

It has been close to a week since I last posted and just as long since I sat behind my sewing machine. I left a large, batik tote bag without handles--nearly finished but not quite. I was terribly busy last week preparing paperwork and forms for the season opening of our local skating club. I am the President of the club and in the last year of my two-year term. Though rewarding in so many ways, it has also become life consuming at times. Once the season opens at the end of October, (it is only a 5 month season) the times flies so quickly with various fundraising events, competitions, test sessions, and annual exhibition. We end our season on the second weekend in March with our annual show.

Anyways, we decided that since we have not visited with our middle daughter Emily in quite some time, (she lives in Edgartown, Massachusetts on Martha's Vineyard--an island) and it looked like we actually had a weekend without anything planned, we would pay her a visit for the weekend. We drove three hours, parked our car in a parking lot, took a twenty minute bus ride to the ferry dock, hopped on the ferry for forty-five minutes and arrived in Vineyard Haven. (Martha's Vineyard)

Day 1  Martha's Vineyard

Blue skies, nothin' but blue skies....I always enjoy the ferry ride. We seem to always luck out with the weather!

My youngest daughter and my husband on the ferry

My husband snapped the photo just as I started talking to him.

We arrived close to dinner time. So we drove to Menemsha where we purchased dinner at a local fish market--we three girls ordered crabcake sandwiches, clam chowder and lobster bisque, my husband ordered a lobster roll. We took it down to the beach (very close by) to eat by the water and watch the sunset. My daughter does this with her friends from time-to-time and there were many others there as well. Often there is wine involved and this was no exception. Emily brought a bottle of red wine and a pair of wine glasses. She did however, forget the corkscrew. No problem though--we ran into two of her friends also sitting on the beach watching the sunset and one of them happened to have a corkscrew. Dinner was delicious and fresh.  It tasted even better by the ocean....


It was beautiful sitting on the rocks by the water...

The sun was beginning to set.....

So pretty!

Going down.....

Sinking into the sea....

If you look closely you can barely see the last bit of fire as it goes down.

Zooming in....

 Going down.....

Gone! Everyone watching on the beach started to clap and cheer as though we had watched a fireworks display! In a sense I guess we did--nature's fireworks. I could get used to this simple life. As I have said before, it really is all about the simple pleasures in  life! 

Such a lovely evening!


Day 2  Martha's Vineyard 

A walk in the woods with a surprise ending!

Lush green foliage

Watch your step!

Em, me and Lindsay

Em still leading the way--vista ahead

Finally we see what's ahead!

Beautiful view!

Heading down to the beach....

No one here but us! Perfect beach day!

Calm waters here.

No one but us anywhere on the beach.

Investigating the rocks.



No beach blankets--so the sand will do. Very relaxing.

Time to head back up....I did not want to leave.

My husband reading all the signs before getting in the car to leave.

We left the parking lot and headed back to the house for a bit of a rest and to change our clothes for dinner. After dinner, we walked around town for a bit and headed back to settle in for the evening. We were all exhausted and headed to bed around 10:30 pm.

Day 3  Martha's Vineyard

We got up and headed out to have breakfast at A Slice of Life but there was too much of a wait so we ended up going back to Espresso Love where we had grabbed coffee the day before. More coffee, along with delicious breakfast bagels on spinach garlic bagels were ordered. We sat outside and enjoyed our breakfast sandwiches--YUMMY!! Then we decided to take another walk.....Emily has lived on the island for almost three years so she knows a lot of neat, out of the way places to go.

Emily--our tour guide!

Beautiful walk to the beach--fencing to the sides was interesting...

A little vignette to the side behind the fencing--totally unexpected.

There were about a dozen people on this beach.

Left view--Heading down to check out the cliffs.

Right view--no crowds here!

My husband loves this place.

He decides to wait for a wave to recede, then he walks around to the other side of the cliffs.

Here he is on his way back.

Look at the sky! Gorgeous!

Walking the beach....

The water is much wilder here!

The waves are good sized and

very loud! This one took me a bit by surprise and my clothes got wet.


Sisters sharing a relaxing moment.

I didn't want to leave this beach either, but we had to go back and get our luggage and head back to catch the ferry. We had such a nice time visiting Em. We are hoping to return to the island in October for Pumpkin Fest. I can't wait! There is always something new to see, some new adventure!

During this trip, my daughter finally convinced me to take an outdoor shower. Just about everyone on Martha's Vineyard has these outdoor showers. I just could not bring myself to do it on earlier visits. I gave in only to realize how amazing it feels to be taking a hot shower outside with nature! There was ivy growing inside the shower, a butterfly flew over my head , birds were all around.....I walked into her little cottage after my shower with a towel wrapped around me and she was standing there smirking, just waiting for my response, "Sweet Jesus, that was the most incredible shower I have ever had." She laughed out loud! I showered outside the next day too. No one had to convince me. Nature is so healing. That I know for sure!

 I understand why she loves this place so much. Away from the tourist attractions are serene, quiet places. Soothing really. Away from the crowds. Farmland is plentiful here and beautiful stonewalls line the country roads for miles. It is a glorious place! Her little cottage sits quite a ways back from the main road on a dirt road, nestled in the woods with enormous pines trees nearby.It is so quiet. The people that own the cottage very kindly allowed us use of their beautiful home while they were away and they live next door to the cottage. They have been wonderful to our daughter and we are extremely grateful for that!

We also got to spoil their dogs! Koko on the left and Sailor on the right took an instant liking to Lindsay.

It was nice to be around dogs again since we lost our dog Willie about a month ago. We miss him so much.

This little girl was just the sweetest! She sat on my lap and was so content. I got a healthy dose of dog kisses from her!

This little guy was attached to Lindsay wherever she went. Even when she went to bed! He was a very perky little guy with a lot of energy. She loved playing with my husband too!

So now--BACK TO REALITY......

Today, I unpacked and then helped my husband install a new over-the-range microwave. I have horrible luck with microwaves. My last one was only a year old and I was baking a sweet potato in it and it caught on fire! The kitchen was totally filled with smoke and it took us a few minutes to figure out what was burning.

After cooking dinner I decided I should finish my second batik tote bag. I made a similar bag some time ago (here is the link to that post) but I wanted to make this one larger.

I apologize for the lack of artistic presentation! 

This shows the lining and a bit of the double pocket on the inside lining. This bag is reversible.

Well, it is a little after 11:30 pm and this was a very long post with lots of photos. I hope I did not bore you to tears. There were just so many pretty spots and I wanted to share them.

 It was a much needed little retreat after the past few weeks. The summer did not end on a positive note for us so this little get away was just what we all needed. I feel rested, refreshed and I got to spend a few days with my daughter. Now, if I could just catch up to my oldest daughter! She lives in Boston and is always busy....