Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pineapple Pillow -- Recycled Curtains

Never throw out a pair of old curtains if the fabric remains in good condition. The panels can always be used for something. In my case, I began working on a very simple, appliqued throw pillow made with a pair of kitchen curtains I no longer use. I have taken photos of a few of the steps involved  for any of you beginner sewing enthusiasts who may want to try a similar project.

First, I gathered my materials: old curtain panel, scrap of gold fabric for pineapple, scraps of green for leaves, Wonder Under (allows you to iron and adhere the pieces to be appliqued on the base fabric, gold and green thread.

Since I wanted an over sized throw pillow I cut two squares from the curtain panels 21" x 21". 

I cut out an oval from a gold fabric scrap. I did not use a pattern. I just eyeballed it and started to cut.
I do a lot of "eyeballing". If you are more comfortable using a pattern, there are plenty of patterns out there for purchase or templates that are available online.

The pineapple could be a little rounder on the sides (which actually will be the top and bottom) but I am not concerned with that, since the leaves will cover the imperfections in my cutting.

I did not like the bottom leaves so back to the drawing board.....literally!

There--I like these bottom leaves better! All pieces are cut. I ironed Wonder Under to the three parts of the pineapple and ironed them to the curtain fabric. There are directions with the Wonder Under and it is very easy to use this product. I love Wonder Under! It can be purchased in small packages (craft-sized) or by the yard. 

I began appliqueing the bottom portion of the pineapple first using green thread to match the green fabric. I used a small zig-zag stitch.

The next step was appliqueing--zig-zagging the top leaves on with green thread.

To applique the pineapple, I changed my thread and bobbin to gold thread and zig-zagged around the body of the pineapple.

The next step was pinning the sides of the pillow on all sides but leaving about a 5" - 6" opening on the bottom to turn the pillow right side out.

I stitched all four sides, using a 1/2" seam allowance,  leaving the bottom open in the middle as described above.

At this point, I reached inside the pillow and pulled it out of the opening--turning it right side out.

After ironing, this is what the pillow looked like. Now, the pillow just needs to be stuffed and the bottom opening stitched closed and the throw pillow will be complete!

I purchased a 20 oz bag of polyfill and did not have enough to fill my pillow to my desired plumpness. The corners will need some added polyfill. I know that I have a few bags of fiberfill in my back hall closet but,'s one of those bursting at the seams kind of closets. Opening that closet door is like opening Pandora's Box. I will brave the closet later this afternoon so that I can finish stuffing my pillow.


I have always had a love and fascination with the pineapple symbol of hospitality. I have a few other pineapple items throughout my house. 

The pineapple pillow that is sitting on my sectional in the very first picture posted today, and again just above, was given to me for Christmas two years ago. I had seen it in a catalog and told my mom that I loved it. She purchased it for my Christmas gift and when she showed it to my dad, he thought it was so silly he talked her into NOT giving it to me. So she hid it away for a year and then decided to put it under my Christmas tree the following year. Of course, I loved it when I opened it. I also laugh every time I think of her hiding the pillow away for a year! I guess my dad does not understand my appreciation of that simple, pineapple pillow-- much the same way my husband does not understand why I love wreaths, natural garlands, dried floral arrangements. My husband calls it "BRUSH"!!!!! (in his most loving way!)

Pineapples embroidered on curtain valance

Pineapple Welcome Sign

Pineapple Doormat

Pineapple Plaque with hooks

 My daughter bought me this pineapple wall plaque. It has yet to find it place on my wall, but it will sooner or later. Thank you for letting me share my love of pineapples with you. If you happen to see other pineapple projects during your blog journeys,  please send them my way!


  1. I too love pineapples! I think your pillow turned out very nice and it looks great next to the one from your mom.