Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Skating Costume Fit for a Princess!

A fairytale sewing project with a happy ending!

In an earlier blog, I promised to post a photo of the skating costume that I made for my daughter's performance to A Whole New World. This was the second skating dress that I made and it really allowed me to be quite bit more creative. I learned that it is really very easy to sew on silky, slippery fabrics. I will be honest and tell you that I cried while making the top of the costume. It required 3 layers of fabric and it was a tad challenging at one point.

I had a vision in mind and this is what I came up with....

Here is a close up of each piece so you can see the trim details.....The belt was the most fun to create. It was a little difficult to turn it right side out. I think I may have used a stiffener that was too heavy. I found the floral applique at Joanne Fabrics and it matched perfectly.

Here is the top. (Yup, the part that made me cry) If you look closely you will see a brocade-like fabric (see crown fabric below) underneath the very sheer fabric on the top part of the bodice. I cut out the first piece and when I ironed it, it melted right to my iron. I forgot to turn down the temperature. Thus, my first crying episode!

The off-the-shoulder puffs/sleeves did not line up exactly and I had to compensate for that while stitching the sleeves to the top. The experience led to my second crying episode.

The headpiece was also fun to make and so, so easy! I went to a fabric store and asked the sales clerk for a bridal veil form. It was a white, stiff fabric. I then cut about 2" wide strips of fabric and just wound it around and around the crown until it was completely covered, added the trim and sewed on the jewel.
Here is a photo of my daughter modeling her costume!

She did not wear a veil. It was just a piece of extra fabric. She did wear a nude bodysuit under the costume and a pair of aqua colored briefs under the skirt. The skirt and top was a little big for her, but the belt provided some extra security and I was able to add a pair of extra snaps in the back of the top to make it fit a little tighter.

Here is how it looked on the ice. I apologize for the quality of these photos:

My daughter was very pleased with her costume and her skating performance! One 4 yr old little boy who skated in the show, called her "Pwincess Fwindsay".  We still call her that, to this day!

This costume really was a whole new world for me too. In the past, I had always been very intimidated by chiffons, georgettes or any silky, sheer fabric for that matter. The skirt was very easy and I gained a lot of much needed sewing confidence . I used a long, two layer, bellydance skirt pattern by Simplicity and cut the pattern to the desired length and gathered both layers together at the top. Then I attached an elasticized waistband to the skirt and did a simple rolled hem and it was done. The skirt was beautiful during a spin.  Who doesn't love a sewing project with a happy ending?

I will devote a future blog on how to sew a 2 layer chiffon skirt suitable for dancing or skating. They go together so quickly and easily. You can save a lot of money sewing your own performance wear. It also provides a creative outlet--I had more fun selecting trim and making the accessories!

"Like star dust glistening on fairies' wings, little girls dreams are of magical things."
Sherry Larson


  1. Making a costume like your daughters would be frightening for me. You did a fabulous job and your daughter looked lovely! As any sewer knows there are going to be struggles at times but you didn't let that stop you and that's something to be very proud of!

  2. Thanks Diane! It was a little frightening at first, but it became very rewarding as soon as it started to look like the vision I had in my mind. The more it came together, the faster I wanted to finish it. I am sure you know what I mean. Your work is wonderful!

  3. I see I'm another Diane commenting! heehee! But I just had to say this is exquisite! WOW! The detail is amazing and she does look like a Princess!

  4. Thank you so much Diane! I appreciate your kind comment and your visit to my blog!