Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Silky Pink Posies Top--A Copy of a Favorite Cropped Top

Today's sewing project began with a crop top that my daughter had previously purchased and worn. She loves that it is loose and cropped and she wanted another one similar to it. We found some fabric in the clearance section of Joanne Fabrics and we bought a little over 2 yds because it was so pretty. We thought it would drape nicely for her cropped top as well.

This is the top I was trying to imitate. It is a little difficult to see but it is cropped and very boxy.

Here is the fabric that we were using for this project. The photo does not do it justice--it is very pretty with a nice sheen to it. There are only 2 pieces to this pattern so this is another easy and quick project.

I began this project by folding the fabric so that I would be cutting the front and back of the top at the same time. I simply traced my daughter's purchased top onto the new fabric. By tracing, I mean that I cut around the top as it was placed on the fabric.While cutting, I added about 3/4" to allow for seams. I also added about 1 1/2 " to the bottom just to give it a tiny bit more length.  

After cutting out the front and back, I "eyeballed" the front neckline scoop and cut out a piece as shown above. Below are the two pieces, wrong sides placed together.

I pinned and stitched beginning with each side seam including the bottom of each sleeve. I stitched with a regular straight stitch and then zig-zagged the seams. My serger probably would have worked very well for this project.The next step was to stitch the top of the sleeve to the top of the neckline. I pressed all the seams neatly. 

After turning the shirt right side out, I pinned the bias tape to the neckline, right sides facing each other, and stitched.

 I then folded over the bias tape to the wrong side of the fabric, pinned and top-stitched in place. This made a very neat neckline.

Next, I ironed the entire top. Note below how the left side puckers prior to ironing and the right side does not. I used a very low heat setting on my iron so I would not melt the fabric.

For the sleeve openings, I did a rolled hem. I turned the fabric to the wrong side by folding it 1/4" over and then I fold it over an additional 1/4 " and stitched close to the folded edge.

Here is the completed top. Total time 2hrs, total cost $4 maybe..... I still have most of the fabric left for another project.

easy to make top

I will try to get a photo of my daughter wearing the top. She did try it on and it fit perfectly but she is not always the most willing model and today was no exception!! It is very cute though and I will probably make a few more out of some silky print fabrics. I would like to try a tank top in a longer length. Another day........

"And I will make thee beds of roses and a thousand fragrant posies".....
 Christopher Marlowe

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  1. How come LB gets all your designs? I can send you my measurements!!

  2. send me an old tank top or some other kind of top and I will happily remake you something! No favoritism intended!!!

  3. Great job! Thanks for coming by and partying with us. Have a funtastic week!

    Fluster Buster

    1. Hi Robin,
      The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for hosting the party. I will be back for sure!