Saturday, May 18, 2019

Here It Is the Middle of May

Hello Friends! First let me preface this entire post by saying I honestly do not know what happened to April. I missed the entire month and did not get around to writing one single post.

In my defense, April has always been a very busy month for me. Years ago when I did income taxes it was especially hectic towards April 15th because so many family birthdays happen in April. Two of my  daughters were born in April-- my middle daughter's birthday is the week before the 15th and my oldest daughter's birthday is the day after. Depending where Easter fell, school vacation and other family birthdays etc, I was always feeling the crunch during tax season. I still am!

This year for some reason April came and went so fast it seems but a blur......and here it is the middle of May already and the blur continues.........

The first of May we spent a couple of days moving my youngest daughter in to her new apartment. She lives in a coastal area and her new apartment is a five minute walk to the beach. I'm a little jealous! Maybe even more than a little.....

I took a couple of photos of the move. The apartment is on the second floor and is very good-sized.  This is her living room and main entry way before all the boxes arrived.

Here is another photo of the entry and to the right is her bedroom and small bath. One side is all built-in drawers and she has two closets. Lots of drawers and closet space makes her one very happy girl!

This is her bedroom and the small half bath is just to the right of her bed. She is currently trying to decide what to use for shades or curtains.....

This is not the beach she lives near but we visited this beach the day after her move and as you can see we had it pretty much to ourselves and it was an absolutely beautiful morning for a walk on the beach.

It was beginning to cloud up while we were there and since we were expecting rain in the afternoon, we enjoyed it while we could. The water was quite rough and  and the surf was thunderous!

This seagull was hanging out for a bit so I snapped a couple of photos.

Here he is sharing his best side with me.

......and here is my daughter who was very happy that her move went smoothly. We cannot even discuss her last was that bad! Happy and smooth sailing from here on in!.....

.......which segues perfectly to my latest creation, my shabby Nautical Angel.

It took me longer to finish her because I could not find the lace that I wanted to use. I was getting frustrated, searching in shops and online but no luck. So I had to settle.

Lots of exposed rough zigzag stitching and raw edges.

I will keep looking for the lace I want to use as I have several angels cut out in this navy blue with white anchors as well as some white with blue anchors fabric.

She needed something to brighten up all that navy blue and I happened to have a few wooden anchors in my stash of supplies and thought it would be the perfect touch of color.

Besides being a splash of color, the over-sized anchor adds to the overall nautical theme, provides a focal point and symbolizes strength and hope. We all have someone who is or has been our anchor during rough times just as we have all probably been that anchor for somebody else. That is the intended sentiment behind this ornament. I am not sure yet if I will add a tag or simply let it be inferred.

So with all that said, I now need to get myself off the computer. We were away for a couple of days attending a huge antique/collectibles bazaar in Brimfield, Massachusetts Thursday and yesterday a funeral in Connecticut. We got home last night, picked up my dog and I was too tired to do anything. I was even too tired to eat! I need to do some catching up on housework this afternoon....right after I have my afternoon coffee!

Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather! We have had so much rain and chilly weather but today is absolutely perfect in every way! I think it may be safe to finally pack away my winter clothes for the LAST time this year.  Happy weekend my friends!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bunnies and More Bunnies

For about a two week period in February, bunnies were multiplying in my dining room. I had stuffed bunnies, unstuffed bunnies, bunnies with cottontails, bunnies without cottontails, pom poms in piles....well you get the idea.

These were way too much fun to make and the more they accumulated the more I wanted to make! Some were made from repurposed burlap curtains, others were made from a repurposed bedspread, and I made a few from painter's drop cloth. Then I added some vintage edgings, lace, bias tape, some flowers and of course their pom pom tails.

 I had a pair of lavender embellished bunnies that were shipped off to their new home in Florida. Truthfully, I wanted to hand deliver those bunnies as the weather here was not nice....

My favorites are the two cream colored bunnies in the back with the gathered vintage edging ruffles and pink and green ribbons! I made them oversized pom pom tails. I love how they turned out!

Not only are their tails oversized but they stuffed so nicely and are quite plump...... pleasingly plump I guess you could say!

They wear some pretty pale pink roses along with their pretty ribbons and ruffled collars.

These peachy bunnies are all stitched up in burlap and wear bias tape ribbons in two shades of peach and a darker peach (almost orange) checked ribbon. They have a vintage edging that appears to have been removed from either a pillow or table linen. Their cottontails are actually acrylic yarn pom poms.

These burlap bunnies are dressed in pink and cream with a mauve rose.

These lavender bunnies are the ones who flew south to Florida to escape the New England weather! Lucky rabbits!

These two missed the group shot but I dyed the pink one and gave her a wide laced collar, some vintage crocheted edging, a bow with  a two-toned pink flower and a multicolored pom pom tail. The black and white checked bunny has the same wide collar and flower and her bow is a white dot on black grosgrain ribbon and a wider pink ribbon with a scalloped edge.

I have several other bunnies cut out and I am hoping to find time to make myself a bunny or two or three for my Easter table too.

The inspiration behind creating these white bunnies was my love of white chocolate as a young child. Easter bunny knew that white chocolate was my preference and he would leave me one in my beautiful Easter Basket every Easter. I admired the bunny long before I had the heart to bite into it. Good memories! 

Well friends, have a nice weekend! I hope spring has sprung wherever you are!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Hello friends and Happy Spring! I don't know about you but I have had enough of winter and I am quite ready to shed bulky winter jackets, boots, chunky scarves and heavy socks! So I have been doing a little shopping for some spring clothing and I am beginning to put away some winter gear. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Since Valentine's Day I have turned my attention to creating some angel ornaments all decked out in some pretty spring colored fabrics. I had a great deal of fun creating these more dainty, feminine versions of my angels. I particularly love the lady in lavender!

I have created some coordinating tags so that they can be customized for various gift-giving events.

Then I reversed the fabrics and used the blue for the dress and the lavender on the top layer of wings. The bottom layer, which is hard to see in this photo is created from the pale blue.

.....and here is the trio! All decked out for spring!

The trio below is constructed from creative twist paper, cotton lace, some vintage lace and bias tape ribbon. It's been a while since I fashioned angels out of paper and the details added have certainly evolved over the past few years. These take a bit more time to construct than their predecessors but the extra time is time well spent.

These Paris-themed angels were a custom order and I was very pleased with the way they came together. This time I added some cotton doilies to the wings which I really liked so I added them to another pair of angels below.

I love the shade of light teal used in these angels. To add a bit more of the teal color, I used coordinating teal embroidery floss and ran some straight stitches through her vertical lace on her dress. I added the teal floss to her buttons as well.

Another tag that I created for Mother's Day....

She looked really pretty placed in a rag wreath!

......just another photo op here.....

This sweet angel is done up in pink roses....

...and last but not least.....

more roses, more pink......

Stay tuned for my new nautical-style angels--coming soon! ;)

Now I find myself leaning towards fact I've already stitched up a bunch of little vintage inspired bunnies which I will show you in another post......

.......and today I tried out a new recipe for crock pot Easter ham which was surprisingly delicious and very moist. It was so easy. I threw a few ingredients into the crock pot, added the ham, covered and cooked for seven hours. What is on your Easter menu? Do you prepare the same dishes year after year or do you switch it up a little?

Wishing you all a great week and a lovely spring!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Holiday Recap

Good afternoon friends! Like so many I have spoken to over the last few days, I am both sad and relieved that the holidays are behind us! We had so much fun hanging out with family on Christmas. I wish that part of the holiday could last longer! I also made a very conscious effort to listen to (and sing along with) my favorite, traditional Christmas Carols and Hymns because I enjoy it! So much of the time leading up to the holidays is exhausting. That is the part I am relieved to let go of! It takes a good long while before I can walk in to a store again after the holidays and I am not one of those that rushes out to purchase next year's trimmings on clearance.

I do love wrapping gifts and I try to do the wrapping as soon as it is purchased! I don't wrap anything that even looks remotely like a dog toy because my dog will assume it is hers and sneak it over to her chair and tear it open! She loves Christmas morning and is always the first one up. She lays next to her stocking until everyone is up and ready to open theirs. This year though, everyone slept in a bit so she meandered over to her stocking and gently removed one wrapped item from her stocking. She brought it over to the couch, jumped up on her blanket and opened it!

Prior to Christmas I was busy in Santa's workshop making ornaments for my shop. I will share a few.....

I think you get the idea. Some of these are new designs, and a few are oldies but goodies that I make year after year.

The new year rolled in for us without much pomp and circumstance though this year I did actually stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop. That does not generally happen. Earlier in the evening we did our usual dinner out and were home by 6:33 pm. I was in my new flannel jammies by 6:37 pm. I know, not terribly exciting.....but it was enough excitement for me!

Now I have moved on to sewing for Valentine's Day and well....I love Valentine's Day because  it is all about hearts and lace and all the colors and things I love to sew and sew with! These are may latest angels:

I added arms to my angels finally which opens up a whole world of possibilities! Why did I wait so long? Holding hearts is a good use of arms I think......;)

The black and white check angel was finished just last night. I have a few others cut out in both colors!

....and that is all for now except I would like to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! No resolutions for me either.....just focusing once again on last year's word....GRATITUDE! I try to wake up every day with a grateful heart....even when things are not so great!